Includes 10 intricate R&B chord progressions to inspire producers through their creative process, as well as over 1 hour of R&B music theory course videos exclusively made by Chambers.


This course includes:


Video #1: Deconstructing Progressions

- Chambers deconstructs a progression from the pack and explains how it was composed

- Learn how simple progressions can turn into rich, complex R&B compositions


Video #2: Creating Progressions from Scratch

- Learn how to compose R&B chord progressions from scratch

- Learn about major, minor, and diminished chords, as well as how/when to use them

- Discover the importance of chord inversions

- Learn about scales and chord names

- Discover common R&B techniques, such as the 2-5-1 progression, and going outside of the scale


Video #3: Producing an R&B Beat

- Chambers creates a full length R&B beat and explains all steps from start to finish

- Learn how to effectively add melody layers to R&B chords

- Learn how to add and arrange drums/bass for R&B beats

- Learn mixing techniques used in R&B instrumentals

- Discover the importance of song structure and creating switch ups to avoid repetitiveness