Includes over 1 hour of detailed music theory course videos exclusively made by Chambers, as well as 5 complex midi progressions to inspire producers through their creative process.
This course includes:
Video #1: Creating Chord Progressions
- Chambers creates an elaborate chord progression from scratch
- Learn essential music theory terminology and techniques to take progressions to more advanced levels
- Discover how to construct complex major and minor chords through scales, as well as how/when to use them
- Chambers explains important methods from Add9 chords, to inversions, to creating tension and resolution within music
Video #2: Creating Melodies
- Learn how to use chords to create interesting melodies within progressions
- Discover how to create perfect melodies on top of chords
- Chambers demonstrates how to use harmonies and contrast to compose advanced melodies

Video #3: Producing a Full Beat
- Chambers creates a full length beat and explains all steps from start to finish
- Learn how to effectively add an 808 to a chord progression using root notes
- Learn how to add and arrange drums to create bounce and groove
- Chambers reveals his mixing techniques to balance the music
- Discover the importance of song structure and creating switch ups to avoid repetitiveness