Includes 1 hour of R&B mixing course videos exclusively made by Chambers, as well as stems to a fully produced Chambers R&B instrumental for mixing practice. Chambers has experience mixing for Denzel Curry, Guapdad4000, and BFB Da Packman among others.

This course includes:

Video #1: Prepping the Mix
- Learn how to organize a session for the most efficient workflow
- Chambers explains his mix preparation process techniques such as color coding and stereo bussing

- Learn how to best manage busy instrumentals

Video #2: Mixing R&B Melodies
- Learn how to effectively mix chord progressions and melodies in an R&B instrumental
- Discover the importance of leveling, panning, and stereo imaging to control a busy mix
- Learn how to apply equalization and compression techniques to best enhance each sound
- Learn how to get creative with special FX such as reverb and delay for more interesting mixes

Video #3: Mixing R&B Drums
- Learn how to effectively mix drum and bass elements in an R&B instrumental
- Learn how to apply equalization, harmonic saturation, FX and more to bring out the best in your drums
- Chambers explains his drum bussing and imaging techniques among other exclusive tips
- Chambers reveals his thoughts on mastering beats