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Valuable resources for producers, all in one place.

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The tools to take your passion to the next level are now at your fingertips...

Over 100 professional course videos covering all aspects of music production and engineering. Join hundreds of members taking advantage of one of the best educational opportunities available to aspiring creators. All content is fresh and up to date, new courses added every month.


Take advantage of industry quality sounds used in major releases, included free.

Members have access to Chambers' best selling drum kits, midi packs, and other exclusive kits only available for download in the online class.


Content at your fingertips

Watch any course video as many times as you need, with unlimited access as long as you're signed up. Start from the beginning, or enjoy the courses in your own order.


Your learning, your pace

Catering to producers of all levels, learn everything from absolute scratch, to industry level advanced techniques. Personalize your experience and learn at your own speed, on your own schedule.


Connect with Chambers

All members can contact Chambers with any questions or feedback/critique requests. Feel free to send in your beats, ask for advice, or just talk music. You'll always get a response!

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