Includes over 1 hour of detailed drum production course videos exclusively made by Chambers. In each video, Chambers demonstrates drum production for three genres: Drill, melodic trap, and dark trap.


This course includes:  


Video #1: Creating 808 Patterns

- Chambers explains his process when it comes to adding an 808 to a beat

- Discover the importance of the role the 808 plays in different genres of music

- Learn tricks and techniques to keep 808 patterns interesting and unique


Video #2: Creating Drum Patterns

- Chambers explains how to create drum patterns from scratch for different styles of music

- Learn to perfect the skill of adding bounce, rhythm, and impact to your drums

- Discover how drum instruments work with each other to make beats sound full and complete


Video #3: Mixing Drums

- Chambers demonstrates his process for mixing 808 and drum sounds

- Learn how to enhance each sound to bring the best out of the drums

- Discover how to make your drums hit and come through to bring your music to its fullest potential